MT. BIKE OREGON | July 19-21 and August 16-18 – Oakridge

Mt. Bike Oregon is as close to paradise as a knobby enthusiast can find. Hundreds of miles of singletrack surround Oakridge, the only town in America that is entirely surrounded by national forests. The trails are the real draw but the three-day weekend provides plenty of additional attractions.

Dozen of bike manufacturers provide top of the line test bikes you can rock on the trail. Buses and trucks carry riders and bikes up the hills to high-elevation trailheads. Meals and camping make for an all-inclusive weekend and yoga and massage round out basecamp.

Though the trails are sweet and the amenities just right, perhaps the best feature is the enchanted beer garden (featuring Oakridge-area microbrews) positioned under a brilliant canopy of star-studded sky.

Registration is limited to 300 riders and spaces typically fill up quickly, so early registration is highly recommended.
Greenwaters Park is the basecamp. Off Highway 58 in Oakridge

The Trails
About the Craft Beer Garden
More Info


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