Mt. Hood Cycling Classic – The Last Hurrah…

It is with great sadness that we must announce that the 2013 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic will be our final event. This comes as a crushing blow to myself and crew who have poured out heart and soul into this event for the past 11 years. In those past 11 years we have put every dime this event generated back into making it super cool and rewarding for the riders. However we have reached a point with a significant decline in sponsorship support, volunteer support, and rider registrations declining each year that we are forced to make the very tough decision to close the event. We can no longer afford to take financial losses this event creates and must look to move on. I know this is disappointing to a number of you and truly I sympathize with your heartache. This event was our baby and created who we are today at Breakaway Promotions. We look forward to continue to support the racing community through the number of National Championship events we operate for USA Cycling as well as the amazing Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend, Oregon. We hope all of you can join us for this year’s event and make the last Mt. Hood Cycling Classic one tremendous party.


Chad, Lori and Crew


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