Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS) Update

WORK PARTY UPDATE: “Jimmy T and Me” Work Party
National Trails Day, 2013

Do you know your Barlow District ranger, Jim Thornton? He’s a mountain biker, and he’s making your trail system better. On June 1st, 20-something folks showed up to clear the flagline for new singletrack between Knebal and Surveyor’s. No more riding on the road when this trail is done. Two more work parties should have this finished up and open for riding! If you missed the work party, you also missed a morel extravaganza. Lots of folks went home with a tasty addition to dinner. On the schedule for next year: extending Cook Meadows to High Prairie, for singletrack from the bottom of Dog River to the top of High Prairie. More information on the 44 Trails Association here. Want to donate? Drop off a check at Dirty Fingers.

WORK PARTY ALERT: Post Canyon 130 connector trail.

There’s been a missing link in Post for a long time. You ride up to Mitchell Ridge, and then there’s no way up. Sure, you could push your bike up Bladerunner/135, but… blech! Get ready: Hood River County is finishing the quad trail #130, which will be a great alternate route up. Work party #1 had around 30 rain-soaked folks clearing the trail corridor of sticks and brush. Work party #2 is June 15th with Portland moto club LOBOS. Meet at Post Flats Staging Area at 9am, and let’s get this thing done!


HOSPITAL HILL UPDATE: Cows, logging and more

Cows should be off the hill by June 15th. In the meantime, there is NO PARKING at the corral, and NO DOGS are allowed on the property. No, not even your cute puppy or your really old dog. Several trails remain closed: Evergreen Highway from the bottom of Triple Bypass up to the logging road, Hector Connector and the Monkey trail.

Kreps Ranch will begin a logging operation on the Hospital Hill area starting around June 1, 2013. The area being logged is located on the SW corner of the hill south, west, and below the Park Bench. A map of the logging area is available at the Kreps Ranch Facebook page. Stay 300’ away from all logging roads, machinery, or felled trees.

Closed trails: InnerWoods, Millennium, Side Hill Dodger, trail leading west from the Courtney Road Gate, long trail across meadow that some ride to access Coyote (which is closed, remember). The trail from the Bench down to Courtney Road Gate will be closed for a few days. Front Side Trail will remain open, however, you must turn left/north at the “Salt Lick” intersection to stay out of the logging closure area.

WHOOPDEE UPDATE: Whoopdeedoo, we got news for you!

It’s done. The loop, anyway. The gravity trail’s not done. Oops… we blew that secret. You better donate to Steve Dunn, the builder, to encourage him to make that happen. Or just send him an email telling him you like his trail. He loves that, and he’s going to kill us for putting all this in this newsletter. Thank you, Steve! Also, a HUGE thank you goes to SDS Lumber and Crestline Construction for the off-street parking at the top of the new climb. No parking on the road any more. Drive past the green gate, and you’ll see the lot on the right. Let’s keep the road clear for local drivers. Whoop it up!!! One more thing. We STRONGLY encourage you to ride this trail as a one-way trail to avoid collisions. Plus, you’re going to have a lot more fun riding this trail counter-clockwise. And you’re going to make it safer for other riders. If you choose to ride as an out-and-back, please be very, very careful on the whoops, as high-speed collisions have already occurred. Or do it right and ride the whole loop, because you’re missing the best part if you turn around after the whoops!

It’s done. It’s awesome. Dirt jumps, banked turns, skinnies, and a pump track. We can’t thank Dave Nunn, Scott Hulbert, and the rest of the gang enough for making this happen. You guys are amazing, and so is the City of White Salmon for supporting this project. Want to try out this park? Head to the baseball fields on Tohomish in White Salmon. Look for the kiosk, and take the trail downhill behind it. Have fun!

FREE DEMOS: Mountain View Cycles has a Rocky Mountain Bikes demo day on June 13th from 10am-6pm at Family Man. Come try out a new bike!

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