Support Gateway Green

Support Gateway Green

A hidden treasure sits right here in East Portland: 38 acres of unused, partially wooded land. After years of grassroots support and partnerships with local, regional, and state government as well as the private and non-profit sectors, we have the opportunity to transform this neglected asset into Gateway Green, a multi-use park that enhances our exciting, vibrant part of the city. Nestled between I-84 and I-205, this is a perfect spot for off-road biking!

Help reclaim this public land for the public!

The City of Portland has already committed to operate the park once we come together to build it. We will leverage public, private and philanthropic funds to fully develop and construct the park, but now we need grassroots input and support to continue to design the space based on the public’s needs, wants, and dreams for Gateway Green.

Give your input!

First, we will be asking you what features you’d like to see on the site over at Oregon’s Kitchen Table ( You’ll be able to give input into the next round of design work to make the most of this space.

Support Gateway Green!

After we know what you want, we will ask everyone who can to contribute money through crowdfunding site Indiegogo to help make the vision for Gateway Green a reality. Crowdfunding is a new opportunity for us to collectively invest in a great East Portland park, even in amounts as small as $1 or $5 or as large as $1 million!

Check out their website
or their Facebook.



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