CAMBA Columbia Area Mountain Bike Advocates Update for Monday July 29th, 2013

CAMBA Columbia Area Mountain Bike Advocates Update for Monday July 29th, 2013
(Similar update to the HRATS)

Trail and property closures, effective Aug 3 at noon. Please observe closures, and pass it on! Thanks.
Affects all SDS land in Washington and Oregon.

Please inform all Recreational users you are in contact with that SDS Co (dba Stevenson Land Company) lands, in conjunction with Kapstone / Weyerhauser (formerly Longview Timberlands) and Hancock Forest Management will be closing all private industrial forest land in WA and OR to public use, effective 12 AM Saturday August 3rd 2013. This closure will remain in effect until further notice.

Fire danger in these areas is already very high and we encourage all users to use extreme caution for the remainder of the fire season; no smoking or open flame of any kind is allowed on private timberland in the Columbia River Gorge region. The current IFPL level in Washington is a 2 for zones in the CR Gorge, and a 3 in Oregon. Currently there are at least 2 large wildland fires burning, near Goldendale and Warm Springs.

Thank you for spreading this information to affected recreational users. The closure will be lifted when the affected areas receive significant rainfall and all threat of wildland fire has been eliminated, or the IFPL levels drop to a ā€œ1ā€ in all areas.


Columbia Area Mountain Bike Advocates (CAMBA) ( was formed in June 2000 in an effort to join area cyclists into a group with which to organize and associate with government and other local clubs, essentially establishing a voice for cyclists in the Columbia River Gorge area, and beyond.

Since then CAMBA has grown to include members who span many ages and backgrounds but are joined by a common vision and share the love of the outdoors and riding mountain bikes.

Our members are drawn from both local residents in Oregon and Washinton states and cyclists who visit the Gorge on a regular basis from the United States and beyond.

Membership to CAMBA is currently FREE. Active members earn their membership by participating in trail work parties or by volunteering for adminstrative or promotional services that help the organization grow.

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