Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS) Update

Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS) Update

On August 13th, lightning strikes started three fires in the Mill Creek area. The largest of these fires, Blackburn, jumped the western containment line during an east wind event on 8/21.

When this happened, the Mt. Hood National Forest folks decided to close the following trails: Surveyor’s, Oak Ridge, Dog River, Knebal, 8-Mile, Bottle Prairie, 451, and ZigZag. Also closed is the 17 road between Surveyor’s and the 44 Road and several spur roads off the 17 and 44 roads along with part of Pine Mont Road (rendering Kitchen Sink/310 trail closed too).

The trails are not currently on fire, as far as we know. They are closed due to safety concerns.

The plan is for back burning operations to take place along the 17 road today.

No date has been set for reopening the trails. With fire season in full swing, this fire only 15% contained, and no significant rain in the forecast, we’d expect the trails to remain closed a while. If the trails burn, they will be closed a long time for both safety and rehab reasons. If they do not burn, they will be closed until it is safe to reopen them. We wish we had more specific information, but it’s not available at this time.

Please keep in mind that all trails on SDS and Kreps land are also closed to ALL USES at this time due to extreme fire danger. That closure affects all trails on Hospital HIll, Whoopdee, and Puke Hill / East Ridge. Thank you for respecting the landowners’ wishes!

HRATS exists in order to unite the local cycling community by providing a single source of contact for trail advocacy in order to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for mountain bikers in the Hood River area.

Company Overview:
HRATS is a volunteer based non-profit IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) Chapter organization made up of cycling enthusiasts that are focused on engaging and uniting the local cycling community in order to channel enthusiasm to create, enhance and protect the riding opportunities in the greater Hood River area, to include both Oregon and Washington with a focus on trail advocacy within a 30 mile radius of Hood River.

We are a coalition of mountain bikers who are committed to representing all disciplines and abilities of mountain biking with a specific aim of providing a venue and vehicle for mountain biking enthusiasts to feel valued and engaged in helping define, build and maintain their local trails. We are committed to positively representing the mountain bike community in our city and surrounding region by collaborating with local land owners and agencies to build and maintain trails, help allocate funding for new trails and mitigating user conflicts.

Through social media, webpage, and events, we aim to provide a single source of information on work parties, trail conditions, proposed new trails/parks/projects and events. A unified organization will provide for a straightforward and efficient outlet for the community and local businesses to participate in, and donate to, a cause that will help sustain and grow the local economy as it relates to mountain biking.

The HRATS are a Chapter of IMBA.

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