Stevens Pass Bike Park – Our Newest Bike Trail: P.B.R.

Stevens Pass Bike Park – Our Newest Bike Trail: P.B.R.

The new trail is now open and we can’t stop spinning laps. P.B.R. (Powered By Rudolph) is named after the late Chris Rudolph: great friend, visionary, and tireless advocate of Stevens Pass Bike Park. Needless to say, he would’ve loved this trail. With a bunch of fun ways to catch air and cruise around some big ‘ol berms, it’s hard not to hoot n’ holler on the way down.

The trail crew has been busy, as as you scream down this beauty you can really see the magnitude of their hard work. Next time you ride it, take a second to admire the rock work that makes up a lot of the table tops.

Next time you’re out on the trail, give someone a high five. If you see me out taking pictures, get rad for the camera first THEN give me a high five. In fact, you and everyone else should hand out some high fives this weekend at the Turn N’ Berm Bike Festival; it’s gonna be a good time!

As for the future, the game plan is to keep adding features and buffing things out every week. The trail is still young, and it’ll only get better as time goes on; much like a fine wine or a good scotch. I can’t wait to have another taste…

So, as we charge our way down the newest addition to the SPBP arsenal, I propose a toast. Here’s to good friends, here’s to good dirt, and here’s to livin’ the dream! Prost!

-Jules (Stevens Bike Park)


The only lift-accessed downhill mountain biking in Washington!

Daily lift tickets: Adult (14+): $35 (tax included), Youth (13&Under): $29 (tax included). Disc Golf tickets: $12 (tax included).

Hours are 10am – 6pm Saturday – Sunday, conditions permitting. Our last day of the 2013 summer season is Sunday, October 13th. Be sure to check for operation updates.

General Information
Rentals, Food Service, and Ticketing all take place in the Granite Peaks Lodge (Center Lodge). Happy Trails!

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