Cross Crusade Series Race #1 at Alpenrose Dairy

Cross Crusade Series Race #1 at Alpenrose Dairy

October 6, 2013
Alpenrose Dairy
Portland, Oregon

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Get yer friends involved
Tell them why cross rocks! Here’s a handy dandy cheat sheet to help convert the unbelievers.

1. Cross isn’t just for the spandex clad. Anyone can have fun!
2. Cross is for all ages and is totally family friendly. Most races have kiddie cross races for the youngest ones and there’s junior racing to be had. For the young at heart among us there are plenty of categories.
3. Even if you aren’t in first place- everyone cheers for you. Besides- after a few laps no one knows what place you’re in anyways. (Except for our superliciously awesome officials)
4. Cross is just cool. It has a great vibe – where else can you get a fantastic workout and hang with your friends?
5. Fan of mud-runs? This is the perfect complement when the weather turns. We revel in mud.
6. Mud has been proven to be good for men and women’s complexions and digestive health.

Cyclocross Tidbits
Remember that your race age for cyclocross is your age as of December 31, 2013.

Cyclocross categories are primarily self selected. However, for 2013 you may not self-select to Category A (Men, women and masters). To race in the category A field you must request an upgrade by sending an e-mail to or be given a mandatory upgrade.

Remember that the number series for each category is different. If you change categories you must pick up a new number.

Finally- you may not bounce around categories. You may not race Cat C then drop down to beginner the next race because it suits your schedule. Once you move up, you’re up. This is to prevent sandbagging and create an even playing field

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