Hood River Area Trail Stewards Update

Hood River Area Trail Stewards Update

Is this the most amazing mountain biking weather you’ve ever seen?

We’re celebrating with a Post Canyon work party on October 26th, 2013. Come help us with a fall tuneup on some of our favorite local trails: GP, Seven Streams, 8 Track, and Family Man. We’ll also be helping Hood River County build the missing section of the 130 quad trail. Why do you care about a quad trail? Because it’ll give you another option for climbing up Post Canyon! Meet at Family Man at 8:30 on Saturday, October 26th. We’ll have lots of tools, but if you have rakes, shovels, or specialized trailbuilding tools, bring them along!

A big thanks to our sponsors: Oregon Enduro, Da Kine, Farmstand, Bryant Pipe, Parkdale Hardware and the Trek Dirt Series. And we know we’ll have more sponsors to add to that list. Maybe you?


Steve Dunn and his volunteers on the Whoopdee Trail have been giving the Gorge’s longest, flowiest downhill even more flow: banked turns, better drainage, less pine needles, berms, rollers… you name it. Thank you to all the volunteers who’ve been helping over the last couple of weeks. If you want to give some time to this volunteer-built and maintained trail, drop Steve a note (HoodRiverdunn@Gmail.com). Without Steve’s tireless energy and dedication (he’d want us to credit all the volunteers too), we wouldn’t have this gem of a trail. So… if you can spare just a few hours on just one day, please do!

Want to fix stuff in Post Canyon?
We welcome your enthusiasm! Most of the non-motorized trails in Post Canyon have adopters, and they’d love your help. If you see something needing fixing, please get in touch with the adopter before doing any trail work. You can get the contact information for these dedicated volunteers by contacting Henry Buckalew at the Hood River County Forestry Department. The number there is 387-7089. If you’ve got lots of time and energy, many motorized trails need adopters. We’re talking about trails like Borderline, 140, and other trails above the top of 8-Track. Just give Henry a call and let him know what you can do!

A reminder on right-of-way
Post Canyon is a crowded place, and we’d like to remind you of right-of-way rules. First, uphill bike traffic has the right-of-way over downhill bike traffic. Be aware and ride with care! Second, pedestrians and equestrians have the right of way over bikes at all times. If you’re biking and encounter a horse, hiker or runner, please move off the trail to the downhill side (especially important when encountering horses). We’re all one big happy family of Post Canyon lovers. Keep the love going by being a good trail sharer.

Like riding Hospital Hill? Like food?
Hospital Hill is privately owned by the Kreps family. Because they’re wonderful people, they let us ride our bikes there. So, let’s show them we appreciate them! All you need to do is be a human who eats food. That’s you, right? Okay. First, “like” the Kreps Ranch on Facebook. Second, support local agriculture by getting some produce or meat from High Roost Ranch, a branch of the Kreps Family. Eating. You know you like it. Now do it consciously, do it locally, and support our friends the Kreps!

Breast Cancer awareness month and bikes

We’re just going to quote Dirty Fingers here: “Listen up people. As you know we here at Dirty Fingers are tremendous fans of boobs. Big or small we like them all, and therefore wanted to do our part during the month of October to support the cause of breast cancer awareness. Just arrived are special edition pink DF jerseys and bib shorts. This is a limited run of Fingerwear with a portion of the sales proceeds being donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We are also going to host a special edition of the Post n’ Pint Ride on Sunday October 27th at noon, followed by a fundraiser barbecue here at the shop. The menu consists of nothing but chicken breasts and special boobie cupcakes. Hoping to raise a few donations for the cause here as well. Hope to see you there.”


That’s it, folks…
Well, there is one last little thing: HRATS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We accept cash, services, pressure treated wood and ??? Your donations will be used wisely and efficiently to build and maintain and improve local trails. Thank you for your support!

All info from the HRATS.org Newsletter. Thanks for supporting their advocacy work.

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