What Is Cyclo-Cross? GCN’s Bike Culture

What Is Cyclo-Cross? GCN’s Bike Culture

What is cyclo cross? GCN went to Belgium and spoke to Sven Nys to find out.
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Veldrijden, Cyclo-cross, radquer… ‘Cross was originally a winter diversion for road riders, but it quickly evolved into more than that. Now, the biggest ‘cross races attract tens of thousands of spectators and up to a million TV viewers. It’s safe to say that ‘cross is big in Belgium, but it’s getting bigger elsewhere too.



GCN went to the heartland, Flanders, to find out just what ‘cross is. We spoke to legends Bart Wellens, Sven Nys, Mario de Clercq and Jonathan Page (the only English-speaking man to have medalled at an Elite Worlds) to find out what ‘cross is and what it requires.

‘Cross doesn’t just draw huge crowds week in week out in half of Belgium, it’s also a huge participation sport outside the Benelux. So, what are you waiting for? Whatever bike you have, you’ll be welcome at your local race. It’s a great way to keep warm and have fun on the bike in winter. Once you’re hooked, you’ll need all the gear too… Handily, cyclo-cross bikes make great commuting bikes!

The Valkarys – Grazi Net Ir Ryte: http://gcn.eu/1geZkAp
Bravestation – White Wolves: http://gcn.eu/HurBoj
All Eyes – On The Sidelines: http://gcn.eu/1aWDoTl
Dying Kings – Telling Tales

Photos: © Bettiniphoto / http://www.bettiniphoto.net/ & ©Tim De Waele / http://www.tdwsport.com



Check out the remaining dates of Oregon’s main Cyclocross Series.

Cross Crusade

Grand Prix Erik Tonkin (CPET)


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