hills of home



“hills of home” is a Black Forest production by the film crew of workID and german XCO racer Pirmin Kuß. Pirmin rides bikes since day one and straight from the beginning his heart belongs to olympic XCO racing. He rides for the german WHEELER-iXS Team and loves the good time he has with his team buddies during the race season. What he really doesn’t like, is the prejudice that cross country fellas are technically unskilled! He tries his best to prove the opposite and puts his heart in his riding. For him it is pure fun to pull his 29″ hard tail through the lovely Black Forest and to have a new challenge everyday out there, without the need of full suspension. Nevertheless the 20 years old boy loves all sports which are based on rolling on two wheels, doesn’t matter how big they are. He puts a lot of time into digging last year and build his own little pumptrack around the house of his family. He truly believes in the progression and fun that brings the BMX pumptrack riding into his training, besides the tough exercises a racer has to do.

Riding for a video project is a little dream came true for him, because in Pirmins opinion racing isn’t only about big races and results. He puts all in and we snapped some awesome shots. After all we had an amazing weekend filming and riding out there and became good friends.

Watch Pirmin blasting some original Black Forest home trails and after it having some fun with his 20″ bike on his pumptrack – for him a perfect day. Enjoy!

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Catacombkid – “Cinematography”
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