Post Canyon Trail Update – Blackberry Timber Sale


Logging activities for the Blackberry Timber Sale are scheduled to begin during the middle of march. Two clear-cut units will be harvested as part of this sale. One of the units is 39 acres in size & lies to the southeast of Family Man Skills Complex. Stay 300 ft. from the harvest area & expect increased truck & equipment traffic on Riordan Hill Road. Be prepared to find pull-outs, etc, to get out of the way of trucks while driving, riding, or walking county forest roads. This project will be in process throughout the spring & possibly thru early summer.

In order to reduce congestion around Family Man during this time. It is recommended that if at all possible you stage at the other locations. Such as Lower post Canyon, Seven Streams, or Binns Hill Staging area.

Some trails that are within or adjacent to this sale will be temporarily closed for safety. Please honor all “TRAIL CLOSED” signage until this project has been completed.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Henry D. Backalew
Trails Program Coordinator / Forest Technician II
Hood River County Forestry Department

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