Northwest Trail Alliance Sandy Ridge Work Party


SAVE THE DATE – Saturday, April 26

NW Trail Alliance (NWTA) will be sending crews through Sandy Ridge Trail System to do tread repair work and handle drainage issues. This is a large maintenance day covering miles of trail and we need your help.
Our Goal is to send ten teams with a crew of six individuals to various project sites.

– 9:45 AM Meet at Sandy Ridge Parking Lot
– 10:00 AM Introduction and Divide Into Teams
– 10:10 AM Travel to Various Project Sites
– 2:00 PM Report Back to Sandy Ridge Parking Lot
Following trail work, volunteers will have an opportunity to
shuttle to the top for a great ride or stay for BBQ with NW Trail Alliance members.


Please RSVP with Ted Dodd at
If you love to ride Sandy Ridge Trail, now is your chance to give back and help make a difference.

Update March 3rd, 2014
In regards to bringing dogs:

You can find information on Sandy Ridge directly from the BLM here:

Because of some recent reported trail conflicts, they’ve added this language to the top of the webpage:

“The BLM has been made aware of reports of conflict between visitors. The BLM urges visitors with dogs to keep control of their animals at all times. We also ask that all visitors are polite and respectful of others and obey the posted rules and regulations.”

Posted rules at Sandy Ridge specify that dogs must be kept on leash at all times. These rules would also apply during the upcoming trail maintenance day. With a large number of attendees anticipated, keeping a dog under control on leash while doing trail work might be a challenge. Ultimately it’s your friend’s call, however we’d recommend following the BLM’s posted rules.



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