Willamette Gran Fondo

May 3rd, 2014
Philomath, Oregon

Info from ORBike.com

It’s springtime, which means no more sitting on the couch aimlessly watching shows and complaining about the weather. Across the state the skies are clearing up (at least for pockets of time) and it’s time to get yourself summertime ready.

How will you rock this summer? Will this be the summer you sat on your arse and drank IPA all day long, or the summer you packed in the riding miles (and then maybe sat on your arse and drank IPA all night long)?

Get your summer started off right with the Willamette Gran Fondo. Riders from all over the state will flock to the tiny town of Philomath for this popular race that’s well known for it’s gorgeous course, simple format and solid support. You don’t need to be an experienced racer to enjoy this event; fondos are known for being an extremely welcoming race format – and because of that they’re quickly catching on.

With 6,800 feet of climbing and several sustained climbs, the Gran Route is not for the faint of heart, but this race is fully supported so there are fueling stations along the way. The less intense Medio Route is just under 62 miles and “only” 3,800 feet of climbing. Get ready to grind, but at least it’s going to be a beautiful grind; Willamette Gran Fondo boasts forest canopies and striking vistas along the route.

For more info and registration go to http://willamettegranfondo.com.

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