FAT 55 Oakridge Mountain Bike Marathon and Mardi Gras Festival


September 13, 2014

FAT 55 Mountain Bike Marathon is the quintessential Oakridge mountain bike race: begin under the fire of a black powder rifle and the fading notes of of Felly Smith’s electrified star spangled banner. Pedal through the mossy, rooty eden of Salmon Creek. Summit the rocky, rugged and pristine Heckletooth Mountain. Descend the craggy top and the fast, smooth, flowing Aubrey Mountain section of the Eugene to Crest Trail. Refuel in Greenwaters Park. Climb to the wild and remote Larison Creek descent. Climb one last climb up to Larison Rock, and finally descend sweeping fast traverses and sloping switchbacks before bombing into the beer garden! Come to win some loot, or just for a fun fully supported ride on four of Oakridge’s best trails.

Full info at http://www.fatfiftyfive.com

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