People in Oregon BMX: Harold Ridge (Ridge Brothers Racing)

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Name – Harold Ridge


Years in the Oregon BMX scene – 12

BMXOR – Where are you from, & where are you currently living?

HR – From San Francisco living in Portland Oregon.

BMXOR – What got you into the sport of BMX, & what convinced you start RBR?

HR – We got involved when my wife was doing a national riders moms hair. I forgot the girls name but she raced for Stiffy’s at the time. We started RBR after being on another team that had a little drama. So Jeff and I decided that wasn’t the scene for us. Since we had 5 of our kids racing and 3 of their friend. It just made sense to start our own family team.


BMXOR – What is your team ethos?

HR – Ridge Brothers ethos is simple. Have fun, represent your family and yourself at all times, be a family, and remember to stay humble.

BMXOR – All throughout our sport you have a great reputation. Someone who gives & supports our sport tirelessly. What have you done over the years that promoted this goodwill & reputation?

HR – I think one way to promote positivity is to be positive. I have coached sports for many years and have seen some very negative things. When getting my family involved with BMX. I understood that families can have fun together without so much pressure and tension. Reputation. That is based on how you carry yourself, and what you’re about. I’m about the kids! But I am far from perfect. I fumble daily LOL!!!

BMXOR – What is it like being a team manager? I know you have coached other sports. How does being a BMX TM differ from conventional sports? How is it the same?

HR – Being a team manager is got to be one of the funnest things I have had the chance to do. I think my coaching experience helps big time. The difference between say Basketball and BMX racing is the individual piece. You must be able to change on the fly. You can find yourself at a national trying to help a 5 year old get out the gate. Then 5 min later you’re helping a 15 year old navigate the rhythm. What makes it the same is your a person that someone else’s child is looking up to. They learn a sport they have a passion for.


BMXOR – I know your son still races. Just not as much as he used to. Some parents take a step back when their kids start driving or move away from home. Yet you keep showing up to the races with your brother, & the team. So what keeps you going & wanting to be a part of BMX?

HR – What keeps me going is the fun I have with other parents, kids, and don’t forget the travel. But what really keeps me going is the comment I made when starting this and that was (I going to do this until it’s not fun) and the fun has just begun. Also I have met some of the nicest down to earth folks all over the United States, and have some real lifelong friends from BMX.

BMXOR – What’s up with Kidz On Da Track? Is that something that is still going on?

HR – KidZ on Da Track. Well if I could sit still for a few yes that is still in the works. As everyone knows in the Great Northwest. The BMX season goes indoor in the winter, and without Oregon having an indoor we had to step back from the program until early spring. Kidz on Track is a program we are starting in intercity schools to promote BMX to kids and families that have no clue this is a option for them. The response has been great from the schools, and after school programs

(Read the article about Kidz on Da Track from the Portland Observer here.)


BMXOR – Switching gears. Last time we talked & I saw it posted on Facebook also. So it must be true if it’s Facebook official. You where starting a clothing company. You named it #SUCKAFREE. What is that all about? What is the goal of the clothing company? Are we going to see the next Ralph Loren or Sean John coming out of the BMX world?

HR – LOL!! I don’t know about the Ralph Loren, but Diddy move over. LOL!! Just kidding. Sucka Free Clothing is something that has been on the radar for a few years. We come from San Francisco. Also known as the Sucka Free City. It’s just a team that can be used in many ways, but it always comes around full circle to mean if you downing others, taking from others, undermining others or just plan being a sucka. Then the shoe fits! The only negative I have seen in BMX is the soap opera talk. I don’t care what’s going on with the next mans bills, job, or family life. We hit the track to enjoy the company of our friends and families.


I would like to add with me coming out putting myself out there as positive. Some will have our team and families under the microscope. Please don’t because we all have days and times when things just aren’t positive, but I see nothing wrong with giving it your best shot daily!

BMXOR – Any last words?
HR –
I can’t leave out the ones that really make RBR what it is! Kenny Miller & Family, Jeff Ridge, Susie Sisk and Family, Victoria Hedges, Austin Burleson, Brian and Sarah Beyer, Ken Pliska, Bill Ryan, Ray Hudson , and all our sponsor past and present. Also Rodger Linder for helping us come up with the team name!

BMXOR – Thanks for the interview. See you around the track, & stay Sucka Free.


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