Month: December 2014

Shaun Palmer “The Miserable Champion” Full Mountain Bike Segment

A little throwback from a year ago. from Chainsaw Productions Shaun Palmer “The Miserable Champion” Full Mountain Bike Segment from the award winning movie. “Explicit Language” Purchase Movie Here Chainsaw Productions releases the greatest action sports documentary… Read More ›

Fall Finale

from Synaptic Visuals As Autumn bears its colors, mountain bikers know that some of the best riding is at hand. However, with Winter fast approaching, these conditions last only so long. It’s time to make every run count. Shot on:… Read More ›


from Kitsbow Karl Johnson, an engineer at (Mission Motors), rides his bike to and from work in San Fransisco. Everything in this video was shot within the city limits. Most of the shots progress from east to west, ending… Read More ›