Ingerucker: Beyond Fingerdome

from Manny Marquez

“In the future, after the pockylclypse, when the fires have died down and all the gasoline is gone away…man will transport himself by only one means….the BICYCLE. In itself, this was not a bad thing. What is bad, very bad, is that all the riders must at some point pass through the FINGERDOME!” Join the Dirty Fingers Bicycle crew as they set out to build their own Thunderdome for use at the legendary non-event, 50 mile bike race through the woods, the INGERUCKER.

Directed by: Manny Marquez
Additional Cinematography by: Miles Sullivan

“Death Riff,” “Gaza Song #1,” “Sacred (Remix),” “Manny #5” : All composed by & courtesy of Bryan Brown
“The New American Anti-Funeral March part 2” by A. P. Vague (
“Amen” by The Tudor Consort (
Nh” by Jonas the plugexpert (
“Fortune planto vulnera” by MIT Concert Choir (

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