HRATS News: Lumberyard Party, Trail Updates

Lumberyard + HRATS = fun!

This Friday, 2/20, 5-10pm at the Lumberyard, Portland

You don’t have anything going on Friday night. We know you don’t. And we know there’s nothing you’d like more than to ride bikes with us on Friday night from 5-10pm. Come on down to the Lumberyard, 2700 NE 82nd in Portland. 50% of admission goes to HRATS, members get 15% off food, and all you HRATS get $2.50 well drinksl Come play in the Lumberyard in a fun celebration of Matt Klee’s life and everything the HRATS represent. Live like Matt, live like HRATS!



Our roadie friends have asked us for help. They like remote riding as much as we do. They like pedaling through the wild, looking at big, old trees and super-sized volcanoes. And they like doing this on pavement, not gravel. The USFS has proposed removing a total of 3.5 miles of pavement from FS 16, aka Red Hill or Vista Ridge Road. There’s no ride in Oregon more remote or less traveled by cars. Plus, Red Hill is the critical link between Lost Lake, Wahtum Lake and the Parkdale area. Losing the pavement means losing a collection of spectacular rides. Don’t let this happen. Click on the photo to learn more and to submit a comment to the USFS. P.S. Vista Ridge is clear of snow as of right now. Go ride it and see the awesome for yourself!



Whopdee updates

Steve, the builder of the Whoopdee, says hello. He also has a request: please don’t ride the Whoopdee when it’s soft and subject to damage. It’s not the few muddy areas. He can fix those. It’s the flatish sections of trail. When you ride soft, flat trail (not on a sidehill), you create cupping. Cupped trails hold water. Cupped trails force water to run down the trail. Water running down the trail does damage. Please don’t ride when the trail is soft, cuz fixing cupped trails is a massive undertaking. Also in that neighborhood, Puke Hill (Hood River Mountain) trail is currently closed due to SDS logging. Please stay out!


Trail Conditions

In a winter reminiscent of 2070, trails that shouldn’t be snow-free until June are open for riding. Post is clear of snow all the way to the top. Falls Creek has no snow (12-18 downed trees). Surveyor’s and Dog River are snow free (45 downed trees each – 44 Road is closed, however). Nestor Peak is clear. Sandy Ridge is clear. Oak Ridge and Kitchen Sink are open. Gorge 400, Columbia Hills, and Syncline are free of snow and good to go. Lewis River, Ape Canyon and Siouxon are unknowns. This is crazy. All we can say about this is…

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