Letter writing campaign to City of Portland


At this last week’s Tuesday member meeting, we had a request to provide instructions on who to contact within the City of Portland to address the current climate around mountain biking in Portland. We have created a draft letter below and suggest you make the same points, but add your own personal testimony. Send your letter to Mayor Hales and the City Commissioners. If you are feeling a little more ambitious, it would be extremely meaningful to mail in a hard copy version as well.


To: mayorcharliehales@portlandoregon.gov

CC: amanda@portlandoregon.govnick@portlandoregon.govnovick@portlandoregon.govdan@portlandoregon.gov


Mayor Charlie Hales

Portland, OR 97204

Dear Mayor Hales,

As an avid cyclist, I would like to bring two issues to your attention. First, I urge you to support the off-road cycling master plan in your budget. I believe in healthy, active, livable communities and I promote the concept of “ride to your ride.”

I also want to alert you to Commissioners Fish and Fritz’s recent decision to abandon an ongoing public process, arbitrarily and with no basis in science or data. In doing so, they undermined the professional input of a technical advisory committee and devalued community involvement.

It’s clearly time for a citywide plan that identifies great places for safe, recreational cycling. It’s important to me that all communities in Portland have easy access to exercise and outdoor fun.

Thank you for your consideration,


Thank you for being apart of Northwest Trail Alliance and helping us gain more access to mountain biking in Portland. 


Thank you,


Northwest Trail Alliance

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