Cascadia Dirt Cup Enduro MTB Series Updates


Update #1

The first update is we will be using the best 4 of 5 races for the series overall. We also overhauled the point structure. The new point structure is tighter and will align with participation across the series as opposed to just finishing on the podium at a couple events. This fine work is courtesy of your CDC Advisory Board.

Update #2

We are going to take a page from our Tiger Mt. race last year and the W2 Gravity Enduro Sreies out of New Zealand by making the start of our races a little more ceremonial and organized. The start of each race we will have mandatory call ups/wave starts of 4 or 5 racers in the main venue area before heading to the start of stage one.

Update #3

This may cause some “WTF” from enduro purists but here goes… We will announce trails being used for our enduros about 30 days out from race day. The week of the race we will announce the actual course and how everything links up. The thought process behind this is to try and reduce the local advantage and make each race more competitive. We also hope this will lessen the impact at the venues the weekend before raceday. ***This does not apply to the N. Shore Enduro hosted by the BC Enduro Series.

Update #4

The Cascadian National Enduro Championships…
-Two-Day Race and part of the CDC series.
-No residency requirements. Race is open to everyone.
-National Champion jersey awarded to each category winner.
-Medals awarded 5 deep.(CDC standard)
– Pro Purse payout 3 deep at $1000, $500 and $250.
-Mark your calendars for June 27th and 28th and go register. This will be a weekend to remember. 



Cascadia Dirt Cup – The NW Enduro Experience

A five race series showcasing Washington State mountain bike trails.

The CDC is a non-profit coalition of event promoters, racers, trail advocacy groups and very generous sponsors with mutual vision and goals for mountain biking in our great state of Washington. We are dedicated to increasing funding and awareness for local mountain bike trail advocacy groups who work tirelessly to ensure our trail experience is pure bliss.

All information from the Cascadia Dirt Cup Facebook page. Any questions please go to their Facebook page.


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