2015 Portland Short Track Series

June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & July 6th, 13th, 20th, & 27th

Full series information and updates at http://www.portlandracing.com.


Elite Men, Elite/Cat 1 Women, Cat 1 Men 19-34, Cat 1 Men 35-44, Cat 1 Men 45+, Cat 2 Men U35, Cat 2 Men 35-44, Cat 2 Men 45-54, Cat 2 Men 55+, Cat 2 Women U35, Cat 2 Women 35-44, Cat 2 Women 45+, Singlespeed, Clydesdale 200 lbs+, Cat 3 Men 10-14, Cat 3 Men 15-18, Cat 3 Men U45, Cat 3 Men 45+, Cat 3 Women 10-14, Cat 3 Women 15-18, Cat 3 Women. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: all age categories are based on “racing age”, i.e. your age on 12/31/2015.
Start Times &

Race Duration:
4:00pm – course opens for pre-riding

4:30pm – day-of-race registration opens & start of FREE clinics

5:25pm – motocross course closed to pre-riding 

5:30pm – FREE Kids Races (start at the Islabikes tent under the trees)

5:55pm – Cat 2 Women (U35, 35-44, 45+), Cat 3 Jr Men 10-14, Cat 3 Jr Men 14-18, Cat 3 Women 19+, Cat 3 Jr Women 15-18 & Cat 3 Jr Women 10-14: racing for 25-30′

6:30pm – Singlespeed, Cat 2 Men U35 & Cat 2 Men 35-44: racing for 25-30′

7:00pm – Cat 2 Men 45-55, Cat 2 Men 55+, Clydes, Cat 3 Men 19-44 & Cat 3 Men 45+: racing for 25-30′

7:30pm – Elite Men, Cat 1 Men (19-34, 35-44, 45+) & Elite/Cat 1 Women: racing for 30-40′

All races will start on time, so schedule enough time to travel to PIR, get all your stuff together, ride your bike from the parking lot to the infield, and get registered. 

Course Description:

All races will be held on the infield of PIR. The course – which we will change up every week – is a combination of grassy flats, twisty singletrack (under the trees), and rolling dirt track (on the motocross course). The typical lap distance is about 1.0 mile and racers will do multiple laps for the duration of their race. The elevation gain per lap is 20 to 40 ft.


The short track course and surrounding area will be open for pre-riding on race days from 4:00pm through 5:25pm, when the Cat 1 Kids are ready to start their race. If time allows, racers will also be able to pre-ride the course outside the motocross track in between race heats (but you have to stay behind the last rider, as to not interfere with the race). No pre-riding the infield/motocross track after 5:25pm! It’s too confusing for racers, course marshals and officials.


Like last year, we will host every week two FREE skills clinics. Elite Women short track racer Elaine Bothe (Sorella Forte, Wenzel Coaching) will teach the Women’s clinic, while Ted Byram (from Bike N Hike) will teach the Juniors and Novice Men. The clinics will include a guided bike-through of the course, various fun skill drills, tips on “safe and defensive racing”, and a ton of race tips from folks who not only know how to race hard but also how to race smart. Clinics will run from 4:30 to 5:30 pm on the race course. Meet-up is at 4:30pm in front of the bleachers on the right of the registration tent, but feel free to drop in if you’re arriving later. You don’t have to register in advance for the clinics, but you need to fill out a series waiver.

Race Plates:

All racers will receive a special series race plate at their first race of the season. These are the only race plates that will be honored by our officials (no OBRA MTB XC series race plates or cloth bib numbers!). If you forget or lose your race plate, you’ll have to buy a replacement plate at the registration desk (cost: $5). If – anytime throughout the series – you upgrade to another category or decide to race a second race, you have to get a new plate for your new category at registration (and turn in the plate of your old category, so we can reuse it). Please make sure to attached your plate to your handlebars using 3 (THREE) pipe cleaners or zip ties (to prevent your plate from flipping over) and IN FRONT of your brake/shifter cables. If your plate is not readable, you might not get scored correctly.

Series Points & Awards:

– Like last year, series points and series standings will be administered by athletepath.com. They will use the same series points system.

– Points will be awarded 30 deep in each category.

– Best seven out of eight races count toward overall results.

– Series awards (3 deep) & final series raffle will take place at the series grand finale.

– Since we are racing for eight weeks this year, two sets of Oregon BAR (Best All-Around Rider) points can be earned (one set of BAR points for the first 4 races and another set for the last 4 races).

Upgrade Rules:

Racers who podiumed in last year’s series in 3 or more races (or who ended top-3 overall) will have to upgrade (except for Cat 2 Men 55+, Cat 2 Women 35-44, Cat 2 Women 45+, Singlespeed, Clydesdale, Elite Men, Elite/Cat 1 Women, and Juniors). Cat 3 (Beginner) racers who had at least one top-3 finish in 2014 are also asked to upgrade, so the “real” beginner get a chance of placing. The upgrade rules do not apply to junior racers. Moreover, racers are free to upgrade mid-series and transfer 50% of their points for up to 3 races.


– $750 cash purse for Elite Men and Elite/Cat 1 Women (distributed to “Top 3 Overall” in each category).

– More than $2,500 worth of product and prizes. 


Some Important Safety Notes and PIR Rules:
1) Helmets are mandatory at PIR and at all OBRA-sanctioned races. Make sure to bring one and wear it any time you are on your bike, including on your way from your car to the infield and back.
2) Follow proper race etiquette. Be courteous to other riders on the course, especially when passing/lapping slower riders. Make slower riders aware of your intent to pass in a friendly, non-intimidating manner. Be patient and wait until there is enough room to pass. Whe passing, leave plenty of room and don’t cut off riders. Be extra careful around junior riders.
3) Race defensively and within your limits. This is not the world championship of Monday night short track racing! In other words, it’s not worth to take unnecessary risks that could result in injury. On the motorcross course, use proper pumping and weight shifting technique and avoid getting airborn. A bad landing on the hard clay sole can be unforgiving. Also race defensively around trees, fence posts, and other static obstacles. Prior to your race, pre-ride the course to familiarize yourself with technical sections and hazards along and on the course. If you don’t manage to pre-ride the course, ride a bit more conservatively on the the first lap and go harder on the next lap.
4) Be safe when crossing the PIR road track. On Monday nights between 6pm and 8pm there are ongoing road bike races on the PIR race track. We urge everyone to use the bridge whenever possible to get to and from the motocross course. If you prefer to cross the race track through the gate (where the Monday Night road bike racers start and finish), you should use extreme caution, both on your way in and on your way out. Always look both ways and don’t cross the track when oncoming road racers are in sight. Please respect the crossing marshals’ instructions whenever they are present.
5) Do not bring any beer or alcohol into PIR. There is an explicit rule (posted at the main entrance) that prohibits people (racers and spectators) to bring in alcoholic beverages into the venue. Please help us ensure that everyone abides by this rule. For all clarity: when the PIR concession stand is open, you will be able to buy beer from them (as well as other non-alcoholic drinks, ice cream, hot food and snacks). 
6) No dogs please. We all like animals, but they add another element of complexity.
Like to volunteer? Any other questions? 

contact Kris Schamp – kris@portlandracing.com


Update May 20th, 2015

Hello there!

We are less than 2 weeks away from the start of the 11th edition of the Portland Short Track Series and I hope that you are ready to help us make it another one for the books!

Like previous years, the series will run for 8 weeks – from June 1st all the way through the July 27 – with a mid-series break on Monday June 29th, when we’ll swap our weekly dose of short track madness for a full day of MTB XC race fun at the Six Hours of Mount Hood.

Online registration for both events is open at Athletepath and our ever-popular Short Track Series Pass is already selling like hot cakes. With a series pass you will not only save time and money on race day (once you have a pass, you can just come out and race, no pre-start check-in required), but you will also enjoy a weekly priority call-up at the start of your category (in the order you have registered).

Also, make sure to mark next Friday (5/29) on your calendar, when we’re hosting a Short Track Kick-Off Night at the Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park! Come pick up your series race plate and ride the Lumberyard for just $10 (4pm to close). Or just come out to watch the action (entrance is free) and socialize with fellow short track racers. Our registration crew will be on-site selling series passes and single-race entries and first-time Short Track racers will enjoy a special newbie discount (Series Pass: $20 OFF/ first-race entry fee: $10 OFF), just by showing up!

That’s it for now. I’ll shoot another email next week with some more updates and practical info about this year’s series. And if you have any questions, just drop me a line!


Portland Racing

PS: We still have a couple open volunteer positions for the series, which we hope to fill in the next days. If you are interested and available to help out – in exchange for a free race entry – just reply to this email. Preference goes to racers who are racing the first race heat (at 5:55pm) and who are able to volunteer on all or most race dates.

Update May 29th, 2015


Before we’re heading into the weekend, I like to give you a couple updates about the 2015 Portland Short Track Series, which starts next Monday:

1) Tonight’s Kick-Off Night at The Lumberyard!
Join us tonight at the Lumberyard Bike Park for a fun evening of riding, socializing, and getting all dialed for Short Track! Come pick up your series race plate and ride the Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park for just $10 (from 4pm to 10pm) or come just watch the action (FREE) and meet up with fellow short track racers.

To sweeten the deal, our series sponsor Bike Gallery is throwing in 25 $10 in-store credit vouchers,which we will raffle off among all short track racers who show up before 8pm (you don’t have to ride or stay around to win, but you have to register or be registered for at least one short track race).

Our registration crew will be on-site from 5 to 8pm selling series passes and single-night race entries for our first night of racing. And to encourage new folks to try out short track, first-time adult Short Track racers will enjoy a special newbie discount (Series Pass: $20 OFF/ first-race entry fee: $10 OFF) by just showing up tonight. So spread the word!

Finally, the Lumberyard Pub will offer a pizza special ($1 off small pizza, $2 off Large Pizza, $3 off Giant Pizza) and they will have HUB beer on tap!

2) Still time to purchase a 2015 Series Pass (and to pre-register for Monday’s race)!
You still have until tomorrow to purchase a Series Pass and race all eight Short Track races for just $150 ($60 for juniors). Series pass holders will enjoy a weekly priority call-up at the start of their category (check out the preliminary call-up list with all racers who have already signed up to date), so hurry!

You can also pre-register for individual races through Athletepath. Online registration for each race will be open until the preceding Saturday (at noon).

And if you miss the Saturday deadline, you can still register at the races. Day-of-race registration will open at 4:30pm. If you plan to register on site, make sure to bring cash or a check book, since we do NOT accept credit cards (though there is an ATM located at the PIR main entrance).

3) Race plates:
Like previous years, all racers will receive a unique, laminated series race plate, which you will re-use throughout the series. So make sure to bring your plate back each week! If you change categories, you will have get a new plate for that category. Series pass holders and pre-registered riders can pick up their plate either tonight at the Lumberyard or at their first race at PIR (just swing by the pre-reg desk in front of the motocross tower and you’ll be all set). Also make sure to correctly attach your race plate to your handlebars, using 3 twisty pipe-cleaners (which you’ll receive with your plate) and in front of any brake/shifter cables (so our lap counters can easily read your number).

4) FREE weekly Short Track Clinics:
In good tradition, Ted Byram of Athletes Lounge will host FREE weekly clinics for juniors and novice men racers, while Elaine Both of Wenzel Coaching will continue to teach her free women clinics (open to all women). The 1-hour clinics will be held from 4:30pm to 5:30pm on the short track race course and will include a guided bike-through of the course, various fun skill drills, and a ton of race tips from folks who not only know how to race hard but also how to race smart!

Meet-up for the clinics is in front of the bleachers next to the registration tent, but if you can’t make it by 4:30pm, you’re free to drop in on the clinics at any time. You don’t have to register in advance for the clinics, but all participants need to fill out a series waiver.

5) FREE “Kids Short Track” Races – presented by Islabikes:
For the younger ones, our series sponsor Islabikes will organize every week three FREE kiddie races.

At 5:30pm, the “Cat 1 – Under 10” racers will do one full lap on the regular short track course. This race is restricted to expert kids who have the ability to race a more technical course, including the more moderate bumps on the motocross course (we’ll skip any super-technical or steeper sections). At 5.35pm, the “Cat 3 – Under 6” kiddie racers will do a short, 2-minute flat loop. This race is for the very young ones. Trikes, training wheels and push-bikes are all allowed in this race, as well as helping parents, as long as they don’t obstruct the racing kids.
Right after the little ones have come in, the “Cat 2 – Under 8” racers will complete a longer, 5 minute race on a flat, grassy loop under the trees.

To encourage kids to come out and race throughout the series, we will raffle off – at our final night – an Islabike kids bike among all kiddie racers who raced the series. So be sure to sign your kids in every week at the Islabikes tent (under the trees, adjacent to the Kiddie course) for their chance to win and ride one of these quality children’s bicycles. The more races your kids enter, the greater the chance of winning!

6) Sponsors, goodies and prizes galore!
We are thrilled to enjoy the continued support of all our fantastic sponsors:
– Hopworks Urban Brewery, Portland’s all-organic, bike-centric eco-brewpub and perennial Short Track Series title sponsor will throw in – each week – some much-coveted beer prizes (at least, for racers who are 21 and over). In addition, the Hopworks Bike Bar (located at 3947 N Williams Ave, just a couple minutes from PIR) will offer $3.00 beers to Short Track racers who drop by after the races and flash them their 2015 race plate. The HUB Bike Bar features a great outdoor patio and some tasty Happy Hour specials (from 9 to 11pm).
– Our bike shop sponsor Cyclepath will be at the series each night to provide free mechanical support.
– Starting at the second race – and all the way through our Series Grand Finale – we will raffle off each week a bunch of great prizes and goodies donated by HUB and our other generous sponsors, including Bike Gallery, Yakima, Nossa Familia Coffee, Portland Design Works, Chris King, Showers Pass, Moots, Lumberyard, Blaq and various others. Please return the favor and support our sponsors with your business!

7) Some IMPORTANT safety tips!
On Monday nights between 6pm and 8pm there are ongoing road bike races on the PIR race track. If you are in a rush to get to the short track course, please use the wooden bridge to cross the track. If you prefer to cross through the main gate (where the road racers enter), we ask you to follow – at all times – the directions of the crossing marshals and use extreme caution when crossing the track. As a general rule, never cross the track when oncoming road racers are in sight. Also, if you come early to pre-ride and there are still cars or motorcycles using the track, you MUST use the bridge to cross the track. Finally, if you drive over to PIR, make sure to not leave any valuables visibly in your car or unlocked bikes on your bike racks.

That’s it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at the Lumberyard – or at PIR next Monday – to kick off the 2015 Short Track season in style!


Portland Racing
PS: Due to ongoing road work along N Denver Ave, the bike/ped gate at the SE corner of PIR (where the Columbia Shough Trail connects with Denver Ave) will NOT be accessible. The only entrance to PIR will be through the main gate (across from the Delta Park MAX station). Also, if you plan to drive to PIR, we strongly recommend to avoid I-5 northbound and instead follow N Interstate Ave or NE MLK Blvd and connect to PIR via Schmeer Rd and N Denver Ave.

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