Month: October 2015

Life Beyond Walls: Trans Cascadia

With only their bikes, gear and tents, Smith riders Rosara Joseph, Sarah Rawley, and Liz Cunningham embark on a unique backcountry mountain bike experience in the misty mountains surrounding Oakridge, Oregon. Unfolding over four days with 21 race stages and… Read More ›

The Burn

BC’s coastal rainforests are known to be some of the most lush and beautiful forests in the world, but this summer things changed. After months with out rain BC began to go up in flames. It’s not uncommon to see… Read More ›

“A Washington Summer” (2015)

Elliot Van Orman Productions: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: / / / The Walking Dead Family: “A Washington Summer” This HD film documents a BMX trip I took in the State of Washington, USA mostly around the… Read More ›

Over The Hill

This is Transition Bikes submission for the 2015 Shoot The Trails awards fundraiser for the WMBC. Take a ride with 6 over 40 year old dads from Bellingham as we tackle the subject of riding bikes and getting old.