Mudslinger Events 2016 Schedule


Fall is Here!
Hello, Friends!

Busy time of year planning for my family business for 2016 with Permits, insurance and really challenging details to get accomplished to be able to take a break and re-connect with the family.

This time of year is interesting as I get back on my bike or go for a Run, lift weights and contemplate my 2016 schedule of personal events to unplug, compete or take that trip to Moab that has escaped me for way too long.

Your time is super important as quite a few of you have families and planning what to do and where to have that adventure for 2016.
The above dates are set and the High Cascades 100 is open for registration with 40 spots left for the first 100 block pricing at 25.00 off.

Other dates for reg to open for best pricing and entry
11/7/15 Oregon Triple Crown
(Now 300 miles and 25,000 ft)
June 5th, June 25th and September 24th
Oregon Gran 117, Willamette 120 and 72 for the Oregon Coast Gravel Epic!

1/1/16 all events including Sisters Stampede on May 29th (make reservations and register early)

Oregon 24 is now September 10th and 11th!
This allows more tree clearing for the 100 and a great post labor day festival for 12 or 24 Hrs for you and your crew.

Thanks to all the Sponsor and Volunteer support this past season. In the coming months, I will be featuring a few new sponsors and special events to keep the wheels rolling in 2016.

All the best,
Mike, Andi, Myka, Rya and Phebe and Crew
Mudslinger Events


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