Yeti has a long history of supporting women cyclists. Our race teams have included some of the best women in the sport— among them, Julie Furtado, Marla Streb, Tara Llanes, Jill Kitner, and Rosara Joseph. We have also been long time supporters of the Yeti Beti race team, which was instrumental in creating the Beti Bike Bash, the first women’s only mountain bike race in Colorado. This year, we became the title sponsor of the VIDA MTB Series, a women’s only skills clinic run by Yeti ambassadors Sarah Rawley and Elena Forchielli.

Our introduction of the Yeti Beti line recognizes the important role women have played in our company.

Women are drawn to Yeti for many of the same reasons men are — performance, technology and our commitment to the mountain bike community. Yet, they approach the sport differently. With the help of the Yeti Betis and other women riders, we recognized an opportunity to deliver a community to our soon-to-be Yeti Beti riders. When you buy a Yeti Beti bike, you are granted access/membership to a group of women who live to ride.

Filmed & Edited by: Joey Schusler
Sound Design by: Keith White

Riders: Sarah Rawley & Elena Forchielli

#YetiCycles #YetiBeti #SB5cBeti #ASRcBeti



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