The Lumberyard Gives Kick Start to CCC’s Holiday Bike Drive

The Lumberyard’s Unprecedented Bike Donation puts top-flight bikes in the hands of those in need.
PORTLAND, OR – November 2015 — The Lumberyard Bike Park is helping The Community Cycling Center get a head start on its Holiday Bike Drive. A donation of $10,000 worth of top-flight bicycles was awarded to the Community Cycling Center in a truck loading hand-off event at The Lumberyard on Thursday, November 5th. KPTV and KGW turned out for the ceremony.

In addition to being used for the Cycling Center’s annual Holiday Bike Drive, the bulk of the new bikes will be the foundation of its Community Bike Fleet for 2016. We couldn’t do this without the amazing support of our community of riders!

The Community Cycling Center removes barriers to bicycling through programs, which are designed for people who do not have the means to afford bicycles on their own. They work with underserved communities to provide unique, neighborhood-based solutions that offer access to affordable bicycle repair and training, while creating local leadership. The Community Cycling Center operates a full-service bike shop with a staff of highly experienced mechanics from diverse cycling backgrounds. With a brand refresh and new website launched on Monday, November 2nd, the Cycling Center is poised to connect even more people to cycling than ever before:

Here’s how you can donate your own used bike:…/donate-a-bike/


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