I Wish I Could Shred Whistler Mountain Bike Park like Matt Levasseur

Matt can really shred some great freeride lines at the bike park and always tries to find the best DH lines.

We went up to Whistler B.C. just for the day to make a DH video of Matt Downhill mountain biking. We live 2.5 hours away so we just went up for one day and filmed this whole DH video. Matt is looking for sponsorship so he hired me to make this mountain bike video for him!

We filmed Original Sin, Shcleyer, A-line, Crack Addict, Blue velvet, Freight Train. They are all really fun mtb trails at the whistler bike park.

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This was filmed in September, 2015.
This video was filmed with a Panasonic GH4 at 4K, 30fps and 1080, 60fps

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My name is Jordan Olthuis, I am a Mountain Bike Filmmaker, and I hope you enjoyed this video and will watch my other videos as well! I completely make all the videos I upload to this channel ‘JordanBoostmaster’
Thanks for watching!

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