Stub Stewart Update from the NWTA


4/15/2016 CLOSURE DUE TO TRAIL BRIDGE WORK on Link’n’Pin section of mountain biking trails

Due to the ongoing construction efforts,
Link’n’Pin section of trail is CLOSED UNTIL END OF APRIL. The trail bridges are being worked on this month by NW Youth Corp crews hired by NWTA with RTP grant funds!

Why not consider doing an out-and-back instead of a complete loop? Maybe use this opportunity to try out a new trail outside of the mountain biking area you haven’t explored yet like Unfit Settlement View or Williams Creek Horseshoe Loop…

Link_n_Pin CLOSED until May 1st due to bridge construction…


Stub Fest is June 3 – 5th and registration is OPEN!

It’s happening as part of 2016 State Park Day events. Last year, we had 100+ VOLUNTEERS and preparing to double that this year, we need you!
There’s a trail builder school (optional) on evening of Friday, June 3rd. Main event is Saturday, June 4th (work party, BBQ, food, fun and games) with camping in evening. Group rides are Sunday, June 5th.

email if questions.


Here is a video from 2015 Stub Fest


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