NW CUP Round 2: Dry Hill, Port Angeles, WA


Schedule of Events for Pro GRT May 13-15

Seems like just yesterday we were slaying Dry Hill. Well it’s happening again on May 13-15. Word is there are a few World Cup regulars coming next weekend so you can test yourself against some of the best.

Important things to remember!!!!!! Please Read And Spread The Word.

• Please display your Washington State Discover Pass.
• Please Please remember your number plate if you were at round 1.
• They are actively logging and more specifically hauling logs right now. They have agreed to take Friday-Sunday off (which is very nice of them), so lets return the favor by not trying to come to the hill until Friday AM. Gate will be open early!!
• There will be a lot of people and large pit setups in the Tech zone, so please, pretty please carpool whenever possible. Even if only from your hotel, every car helps. Lack of parking has been a permitting issue so please help us to minimize this so we don’t have to start capping attendance.
Most importantly, be ready to have a good time.

Thursday May 12 AFTER 3PM!!!!! Due to active logging operations Pre-approved Pit Setup and Course Walks

• May 13, 8am – 3pm Registration
• 9AM-1PM Pro/ All Cat 1 Practice
• 1PM-5PM Cat 2/Cat3 Practice
• 7PM Underworld Cup Raffle/Party at the Red Lion

Saturday May 14
• 7AM-1PM Registration
• 8AM-11AM Cat 2 Practice
• 11AM-2PM Cat 1/Cat 3 Practice (NO Cat 1 0-18)
• 2PM-4:00PM Pro/Cat 1 0-18 Practice
• 4:30PM Pro/Cat 1 0-18 Seeding Runs

Sunday May 15
• 7:30AM-9AM Practice. All but Pro/Cat 1 0-18
• 9:30 AM-Done Racing All but Pro/Cat 1 0-18
• After Racing (1pm-ish) Pro/Cat 1 0-18 Practice. Duration TBA
30 Min. after practice Racing • Pro/Cat 1 0-18
Immediately after racing

Technical manual for NW Cup #2/Pro GRT #1/Underworld Cup

All info from http://www.NWCup.com


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