Help fix bikes for local kids!

Everyone needs a bike.
Hood River nonprofit Anson’s Bike Buddies takes used bikes, fixes them up, and gives them to local kids (and occasionally adults) in need. Got a bike? Drop it off at Mountain View Cycles, and get a tax writeoff!

A warehouse of broken used bikes doesn’t do anyone any good. Anson and his friends need YOUR help fixing the bikes. Can you wash a bike? Fix a flat tire? Rebuild a bike from the frame up? You’re just the person this nonprofit needs! With your help, more local kids will have bikes to ride. That means healthier, happier smiling young faces. We’ve already given away 150 bikes. Help us give away more by volunteering just a little of your time.

If you, your kids, or your friends have a little bit of time to give, let us know by signing up for the Anson’s Bike Buddies mailing list and liking the ABB Facebook page. Or send an email to

Thank you for all you do for trails and for your community.

With love and gratitude, HRATS & Anson’s Bike Buddies.

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