Velo Cirque: A Modern & Vintage Custom Bike Show

November 12th – November 13th, 2016

Velo Cult Bike Shop
1969 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97213

Join Velo Cult for a weekend full of amazing bikes! Collectors and framebuilders alike will be showcasing and displaying their favorite bikes for all of Portland to see! This will be a quarterly event from here on out. $5 at the door.

On Saturday at 10am we will be doing a small and fairly simple ride on vintage bikes. Bring anything vintage. At 3pm starts the show at Velo Cult and it goes til 8pm but we close at 10pm so people are welcome to stay and hang out. We ask all people to bring only one bike and one bike stand. If you have more bikes, just bring out a different bike each quarter we host this event. We ask that frame of the bike be build by a custom frame builder. Could be BMX, road, touring, MTB, or anything else custom made. Typically bikes in this category would be build before 1990 or so.

On Sunday is an idea I have had for a while and finally bring it together. It’s the Modern custom frame show. This is from 3pm to 8pm. The frame can be really any type of bike but it needs to be built by a custom frame builder who is still currently taking orders. Custom frame builders are welcome to come too but it’s just one bike per person and please have a stand for it. Just to be strait, a custom frame was built to custom specs, not a production or semi-production frame.

Event updates on Facebook.

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