Kirt Voreis gets a Niner

from Niner Bikes

Last November, Kirt Voreis posted a video to Instagram showing he and his trusted video guy, Doug, working to make a bike video. The problem? Kirt didn’t have a frame. He had parts, but no frame. Making a bike video with only bike parts was, well, difficult. It’s pretty hard to roost some trail without a fully built bike.
Social media went crazy. The interwebs asked, “How could Kirt Voreis not have a frame?” Being the enterprising and seasoned mountain biker, Kirt decided to get a little creative and take matters into his own hands. “Why look for a frame in all the regular places?” he asked. “Why not go hunting?” And so, on a cold, wintry day riding into the woods on Doug’s handlebars, Kirt went hunting and bagged a frame – a Niner, size large.

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