Next Exit // Episode 2: Revelstoke, BC

by Freehub Magazine

Surrounded by the Selkirk, Kootenay and Monashee Mountains, Revelstoke, British Columbia prides itself on its access and surrounding terrain. Just like many other mountain bike-crazed towns, Revelstoke has roots as a ski town, with nearby Mt. Mackenzie holding ski jumping competitions in the 1960s via a single two-person lift, and Revelstoke Mountain Resort opening in 2007. The community that soon after flocked to Revelstoke for the ski bum lifestyle is the same one that made the push to make the trails what they are today. Once a way to simply pass the summers (and get a little extra loose), mountain biking in Revelstoke has evolved into a lifestyle in its own right.

Trails (In order of appearance): Mt. Cartier Summit Trail, The Rooster, Martha Creek (Sale Mountain) Trail, Frisby Ridge.

Next Exit is a series dedicated to exploring communities around North America that have embraced the mountain bike lifestyle. Small towns are dreaming big when it comes to the issues that surround our sport, from tourism to advocacy to land management. Their efforts are redefining what a mountain town can be, keeping our culture—and trails—alive and well.

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