MTB Trip to Pacific Northwest – RWS EP16

video from Seth’s Bike Hacks

This is the start of my Pacific Northwest trip with Brian from BKXC. We start in Seattle and work our way up to the promise land.

On day one, Diamondback takes us out on their home stomping grounds for some trail riding.

Thanks to the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for building and maintaining these amazing trails. Check them out here:

Bike I was riding:…
Hand Pump:…

The Pacific Northwest is known as one of the greatest mountain biking destinations in the world, and for good reason. Every day, I read comments from people literally begging me to go there. Let’s do that. Over the next few videos I’ll be riding Seattle, Bellingham, and of course British Columbia. I’m going to the promise land, and taking you guys with me. But first, I need to find someone to watch my house while I’m gone.

We met Bryce Wenker, brand manager for Diamondback at Duthie Hill mountain bike park. Bryce and TJ, also from Diamondback, would show us around the Seattle metro area. Duthie was just a warm up.

We didn’t have time to ride all of Duthie, but I saw enough. On any trip to Washington, this is a must visit spot for all skill levels.

We headed out to some local trails to kill some time before lunch.

As more Diamondback riders showed up, we knew we were in for a party. They were excited to show us what Seattle had to offer, and on one of the longest days of the year, we had plenty of time to do it.

Bryce ordered food ahead of time so we could fuel up for the next spot—an unfinished trail. Have you ever used paper, or something made of wood? Ever wonder where it comes from?

The Evergreen Mountain Bike alliance doesn’t just move ridiculous amounts of dirt, they also work with the government and the public to put land to good use. They’re a model for other organizations around the country, and without their help we wouldn’t have had time to ride so many places in one day. If you want to see all this stuff they’re working on, I dropped a link below.

So there you have it, day fucking one. We have Bryce from Diamondback to thank for organizing this huge day of riding, so show and the other riders some love on Instagram.

Brian and I set out for the next spot in Washington, Bellingham. Our day in Bellingham was very special, so I’m going to edit it at home after the trip. Next time, you can join us as we cross the Canadian border and visit the promise land.

Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

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