Get Stronger and Leaner With Cross Training

article by Colette Bouchez at WebMD

“When you only do one fitness activity — like running or weight lifting, for example — and you only work on the muscles involved in that sport, you may discover that you are far less fit than you think,” says Todd Schlifstein, DO, a sports medicine rehabilitation doctor at New York University Medical Center’s Rusk Institute.

“The harder you train your body for just one activity, the more stress you put on all the muscles and bones involved in that one activity, so the more you do and the better you get, the more you risk overuse — and the greater your risk of injury,” says Schlifstein.

So what’s the answer? Athletic trainers and personal coaches agree it’s cross training — essentially, alternating your workout routines in a way that will increase your performance and overall fitness without stressing your body to the max.

Professional athletic trainer Jim Thornton, MA, ATC, sums it up this way: “Cross training takes into consideration the fact that many muscles in different parts of the body contribute to a single activity. So to get the most out of any activity, and to do it safely, you must pay attention to all the muscles in your body that are involved, not just the ones directly related to that activity.”

“The point here is to vary activities between aerobic conditioning, strength training, endurance, and balance — and you need to vary the workouts that emphasize each one of those areas,” says Herrera.

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Brian Deegan & Jeremy Lusk (R.I.P.) Cross Training MMA.

Here at Tribe503 & BMXOregon we Cross Train at Enso Jiu Jitsu ( in Oregon City with black belt Keisuke Andrew.

Martial Arts is a lifestyle that can make you fit, make you stronger physically and mentally. Let yourself fall in love with the joy of continuous learning, both as you continue to progress within the art, and as well as learn about yourself as you find and push through your own boundaries.


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