Hometown to Hucksville– Carson Storch’s Journey to Rampage

Rampage is only weeks away, and the pressure is resting on the shoulders of free ride phenom Carson Storch to perform. Most imagine these professional athletes dedicating one hundred percent of their energy, time and focus on training. Fully committed, with an almost selfish, all-consuming drive in their quest for success.

After spending the last two months shadowing Carson around his hometown of Bend, Oregon, we realized that our preconceptions were wrong. Way wrong. When we first came up with the idea of documenting Carson’s countdown to Rampage we envisioned epic days on the trails and mega-sessions filming at the Oregon Dirt Park. It quickly became apparent that Carson spent as much time fulfilling obligations as he did training.

Head to the site to read the full story:


Special thanks to:

Carson Storch

Rocky Mountain:

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