The Whole Enchilada – Presented by ENVE

The red rock desert surrounding Moab, Utah is a harsh and barren landscape that only the toughest creatures thrive in. It is a place of surreal beauty, unlike anywhere else in the world. For these reasons, we return to Moab year after year to thoroughly and systematically beat the life out of our bikes. Moab is our proving ground – our worst line choice, wheel smashing, tire obliterating, backyard amusement park.

Known to literally disintegrate tires from the sheer force of cornering, Luke Strobel has played an integral part in testing, developing, and bombproofing the latest M Series. For the final test, it’s Luke against 27.5 miles and 8000 feet of descending on the iconic Whole Enchilada. A battle of attrition for both bike and body, from the peaks of the mighty La Sal Mountains, through four ecologically diverse climates, finishing at the Colorado River.

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