RESPECT: A Call to Action for Sustainable Mountain Biking

In the wild and rugged Canadian backcountry, our network of trails runs long and deep. Among all the places we’ve explored within Canada, the South Chilcotins have a very special place in our heart. The remoteness of its landscape and the untouched wilderness is incomparable to any other place we’ve visited.

Just a few hours north of Whistler, you’ll access a remote wonderland of pristine trails through grasslands, picturesque alpine meadows, and mountain passes. It’s a place that feels untouched, and allows you to connect with nature. There are just a few places left where you can get this pure wilderness experience.

We want to preserve this place that is so close to our hearts, so when our partners from Tyax Adventures approached us about a sustainability project, we were more than happy to help. Together with the Mountain Bike Tourism Association, we created RESPECT: A Call to Action for Sustainable Mountain Biking. This video addresses environmental, cultural and behavioural aspects of sustainable mountain biking. It is all about educating riders about the importance of sustainable mountain bike practices and how their actions influence eco-systems and wildlife.

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