Cross Crusade Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm – Delta Blues Kinda Day

Long. Straight. Lots of pedaling. To paraphrase the race report from Steven Beardsley, which starts the film, perfectly captures the course. And this video. This one has all the things I like in an edit: strong ambient audio, slo-mo, stills, continuity, a gritty song to tie it together and terrific racing.

I think there was something of a hangover from the Bend Crusades and this video is totally different in tone from the last two (…) (…) I am finding with increasing frequency that I show up thinking one thing for a race, and then, go a different direction once I am there. The weather, the clouds, and the crowd all said black and white. I haven’t done one so I thought, yeah, this is the race for it. The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm ( in full bloom is one of the most beautiful places one can visit; between the seasons it is a different kind of beautiful. Wide open and sweeping, the clouds and mistiness fit the venue perfectly.

I decided in Post Production that I couldn’t fully commit to black and white due to the beauty of Ben Guernsey’s still photography (see below) and decided to leave a hint of color so as to blend. Ben graciously shared his still photography for the Heron Lakes video (…) which I used in a photo-animation style. This week I used his work to underscore the song during R.L. Burnside’s lyrics.

I REALLY like how this all came together.

AGAIN, Another super special shout out to Ben Guernsey (…), who not only won his the uber-competitive Singlespeed category this day but also for his beautiful still photography! Thanks to him for once again collaborating with me by sharing his incredible collection. Visit his page to see more. The creative community is so generous.


Shot on a Sony A7Sii… and G-Master 24/70 2.8 lens.…

Benro monopod…
Rode Videomicro…

Vellichor Luts…

Music is “See My Jumper Hanging on the Line“ by R.L. Burnside.

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