Miranda Miller’s Very Good Year

Miranda Miller won Worlds win by almost two seconds. It was a very good year.

Miranda Miller was a bit of a newcomer to the World Cup DH circuit, with her World Championship win in Cairns, Australia being her first professional win. But with a finish almost two seconds ahead of second place, the world will be expecting her on the top step more often in 2018. And in this video, we visit with the newly anointed champ to gain perspective on her roots in Squamish, her winter training routine, and what it’s like to make it onto the Mag’s 99 sign. Oh yeah—you get to see her on a road bike, too.

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"Before I headed up for my race run I watched a video of Stevie with him saying, “I’m just stoked to be apart of it and have the opportunity. So worst case scenario I’m still happy and best case scenario I’m damn pumped.” It relieved me of almost all pressure associated with a result and I knew I could have a good day. I could look back at the year and all the great times I had with the team, the fact I had the opportunity to run the best equipment in the world and be happy with it." –Follow the link in my bio to read something I wrote at the end of the season and watch a video showcasing my season, my home in Squamish and the win at World Championships.– #LONGLIVECHAINSAW @iamspecialized_mtb PC:Sebastian Schiek

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