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🌐 Free Candy Tour // Episode 5: On Island Time

British Columbia’s coastal islands are located within eyeshot of the mainland and accessed by just a short ferry ride or two from Vancouver. However, upon arrival it felt like we had been transported to an alternate universe, or at least a different time zone. Cell reception was spotty at best, traffic and crowds simply didn’t exist, and 11 a.m. seemed to be the start of business hours. The pace of life was so relaxing that we almost forget to ride our bikes. When we did, we were greeted with low angle, ripping trails and hero traction from Cumberland to Cambell River, Quadra Island and Hornby Island.

🌐 The Free Radicals // Episode 6: Full Dust Warfare

Widespread drought and wildfires were ravaging British Columbia all around us. Our helicopter departed the landing strip in Revelstoke and we entered the smokey abyss that encompassed the valley. As we gained elevation, we suddenly found ourselves above the smoke. A landscape of jagged peaks appeared before us.

The helicopter set down on a knife edge ridge, where our friends were waiting for us. We unloaded our bikes, tagged in with our timing chips, and raced back down a narrow, powdery trail towards the smoke. This was full dust warfare at the Revelstoke 3-Day Heli Enduro. After the race, we headed to Nelson with our friend Nate “Forrealz” Hills and engaged in another skirmish.

🌐 Free Candy Tour // Episode 7: Broken Down in Oregon

As the season wound down after Trans-Cascadia, the crew was a bit worn out from a long year on the road, including Elaine. When she ran out of steam shortly into the drive home, Will found himself with some unscheduled free time in Northern Oregon. The boys at Outside Van supplied the custom slab and local savage Daven Kuder supplied the tour.

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