Transition / Muc-Off Factory Racing 2018 – OFFICIAL LAUNCH

Transition / Muc-Off Factory Racing presents, the most radically gnarly bodaciously awesome mountain bike production since that Canadian bloke jumped off a house.

Starring Tahnée ‘the one with the blonde hair and the pink tutu’ Seagrave, Kaos ‘This is totally my real hair and not in any way a wig’ Seagrave and Jamie ‘do I really have to be the top gun character in this’ Edmonson.

Directed by Robbie ‘pretty handy with a camera’ Meade. Produced by and after much arguing and deliberation by Tony ‘The Bossman’ Seagrave and Elliot ‘That beardy bloke from Muc-Off’ Withers.

Assistant Camera shots by Jack ‘I rode a mountain bike once’ Edmonds and Harry ‘did you hear about the time I nearly died’ Wood.

A Transition / Muc-Off Factory Racing Production. 2018.

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