The Best of Both – The Ultimate Dual – Discipline Bike Race

Saturday, June 16th, 2018

Bend, Oregon

Who is the Best of Both..?

Presented by Canyon Bicycles USA and 10 Barrel Brewing, “The Best of Both” is a unique bicycle race to be staged in the beautiful mountain town of Bend, Oregon, on June 16th, 2018. The event is the first of its kind to combine road cycling and mountain bike riding within one conclusive race distance, bringing a cross-section of competitive bike racers together for the first time to compete head-to-head. But this isn’t just a race. Some of you may like to sit back and enjoy the view, so we have a non-competitive element too and once the racers have hit the road, we send our challenge ride our right after. And for those who want to share the suffering, why not partner up and ride in our relay – one on the road, handing off to a friend, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, Mom, Dad, colleague, or partner, for the off-road leg. This event will challenge all levels of fitness and ambition. Get on board and help us make some history in Bend and then join us for the after party and awards ceremony at the 10 Barrel Brewing HQ in Bend. This is The Best of Both – The Ultimate Dual-Discipline Bike Race.

The race navigates the beautiful Trans-Cascadian alpine terrain that surrounds Bend. Numerous snow-capped peaks and thousands of acres of dense, steeple-pine forestry become our race environment and panoramic backdrop. The 62-mile road loop navigates Bends stunning volcanic lake-country, before orbiting the iconic Mount Bachelor at over 6,400 feet above sea level. At the transition point, the racers look forward to 23 miles of fast, tacky, single-track – designed and expertly crafted by our local COTA trail-building chapter, and diving deep into the abyss of the Deschutes National Forest. A series of race categories, including “Pro” and “Challenger” Men’s and Women’s Solo, a Team Relay and a dedicated option for steel – “The Heavy Metal Ride”, caters to a variety of skill and fitness levels. Those who wish to get out of their comfort zone and push their limits alone will require mental and physical resilience as well as a depth of character. Those who decide to team up and race with a partner, wife, son, daughter, or colleague, will learn the very essence of achievement and glory through suffering and teamwork. And those with winning ambitions will leave it all on the course in a bid to raise their arms high and break the tape.

The full course distance, both on and off the road, is a little over 85 miles. The event staging area, including the start, finish, and transition is within the event village at the Wanoga Snow Park on the Cascade Lakes Highway. Wanoga exists at 5,500 feet above sea level and will host our event village with our sponsors representing. Then we descend to the awesome HQ Of our Brewery sponsor; 10 Barrel, to party and celebrate a great day’s work on the bike.


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