Lapquest 2018

May 19th, 2018
8:30am – 3:00pm

Stub Stewart State ParkMeet at the Buxton Trailhead

LapQuest at Stub is a fun 4-hour non-race race event (i.e. a challenging group ride & social event).

This event is perfect for Intermediate and Advanced riders.
Ride at your own pace and ride as many (or few) laps as you want.

WHAT to Expect – Lots of fun and a personal challenge.

LapQuest is a ‘grassroots’ fun event. No prizes, no maps, and no awards.

Everyone starts at the same time with the goal of completing as many laps as possible in 4 hours.
Everyone finishes at the same time so we can celibrate a great day of riding with a BBQ and cold beverages.
LapQuest is a celebration of the trails we have built, the joy of mountian bike riding, and having fun with friends.
This event will challenge your fitness, wayfinding skills, and your riding skills.
Come prepared and be self-supported.
Times and laps (i.e. lap-tokens) will be self-recorded. See map.
You can earn ‘bragging rights’ if you rack up more laps and better times than your buddies.

BONUS, no matter how many laps you complete, everyone will finish at the same time and enjoy a BBQ social.

This event is a special REWARD for all the hardworking NWTA members and volunteers

Full event information at

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