Turnstyles on Collosus DH9

More towns are realizing how beneficial biking is to the community and attracting people from all over to experience the beauty of our different areas in this great way. This is now more apparent all over the world and the “hit list” keeps growing and growing as more amazing trails, terrain and everything in-between keep catching my eye.

Nelson has been one of those biking “hit list” for a long time thanks to many dedicated trail builders. A few years ago with the help of the city of Nelson, local sponsors and a skilled trail building crew, Nelson received its first machine built trail. After a couple years in the making Turnstyles is born, the flow jump trail over looking Nelson. The grand opening was dedicated to the late Stevie Smith. A Canadian flag is hung at the top of the trail in honour of everyones hero and it always fires you up before dropping in.

It’s great to see facilities, bike parks, trail networks and more being created for everyone to enjoy. I know I can’t wait for more shuttle days on Turnstyles and pump track mondays at the local bike park as well as exploring the riding all over the world!

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