Month: May 2018

Troy Lee Designs Presents: Brandon Semenuk – ‘Contra’

Semenuk artistry combined with Troy Lee Designs aesthetics come together in Contra. The same style defines our new Metric Sprint gear set. Semenuk’s Contra Kit D3 Helmet – Sprint Metric Jersey – Sprint Metric Pant – Directed… Read More ›

Find Your Next

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned rider, stepping outside your comfort zone is part of improving. It’s not about being number one, it’s not about being the best. It’s about finding your next – whether that’s a new goal… Read More ›


Featuring Brandon Semenuk and friends. Cinematography/Editing: Rupert Walker Athlete/Producer: Brandon Semenuk VFX: Dan Gaud AKA ‘Digital Dan’ Sound Design: Keith White Photography by: Ian Collins, Berkley Vopnfjord, Rupert Walker, Brandon Semenuk, Mad Productions Music: Suuns – 2020