NW Cup Rnd 6 Tamarack / Pro GRT: Info & Technical Guide

The dust has barely settled from an outstanding weekend of racing (and hanging with awesome people) at Stevens Pass Bike Park, and we’re getting ready to do it again at Tamarack Bike Park. This will be the second NW Cup/Pro GRT combo of the year which will bring in racers from around the States to compete for some UCI points.

For those of you that raced Tamarack last year, you’ll remember the sweet flowtastic trails that you take to get down to the start line about mid mountain. From there you will find some familiar trail, and some fresh trail. We visited the Park earlier this year and added some technical stuff, some steep stuff, and re-routed the grassy finish (with a few jumps as well). Early word is that it working sweet, they even got an unusual rain day last week that’s bedding in the fresh dirt quite well. It’s so fresh, that we will be shooting the pre-ride vids this coming weekend so watch for that.

Read more at https://nwcup.com/2018/07/nw-cup-tamarack-pro-grt/

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