Bend Bike Park Call to Action

BMX / MTB community,

We would like to update you on the plans for the Bike Park expansion planned by Bend Parks and Rec. District. The park plan is currently before a County hearings officer for approval or denial. We attended the recent hearing to express our support for the project. Also present was significant opposition from a neighborhood group outside the park. This group has hired an attorney to represent opposition to the park.

We are very much in favor of the Bike Park Expansion. The Bike Park would be just outside our gate and be a fantastic bicycle amenity for our riders as well as the community. Just adjacent to the track is a planned pump track and tot zone. These would be fantastic areas for our beginning riders to gain confidence. We are also excited about the opportunity to have exposure to the many cyclists that would come to the Bike Park and potentially give BMX a try.

At this point the County accepting public comment in support or opposition to the project. There are only a few days left to express support for the project. We would like to ask our BMX community to e-mail a statement of your support for the project. It can be just simply a single sentence saying you support the project, or more if you like.

You can email or mail in your supportive comments to
Cynthia Smidt | Associate Planner
Deschutes County

Include this reference information to make sure your support is properly recorded

Re: Big Sky Park, File Nos. 247-18-000105-CU and 247-18-000164-SP

While we know there is overwhelming public support for this project it is in danger of be denied due to the opposition of a relatively small number of people. We need to speak up and ensure the hearings officer is aware of the overwhelming support that does exist.

Please write to Cynthia today and express your support.

Here is a link to more information on the park.

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