Elinchrom Dakine Mountain Biking Shoot with Paris Gore

For his recent Dakine assignment, Paris Gore was tasked with shooting an action photo and supporting images for a two-page ad featuring men’s biking apparel.

Paris’s rig-it-on-a-tree approach is a perfect, albeit unique, example of what you can do with the compact, lightweight and powerful ELB 500 TTL lights. Even if you are not shooting a world class mountain biker in the middle of the woods…. yet.

Read more about Paris, this shoot and the gear he used to get the shot: http://bit.ly/2M3Qk7V

For more of Paris Gore’s work follow him on:
Instagram – @parisgore
Twitter – @parisgore
Facebook – http://facebook.com/parisgorephotography
Check out his website: http://parisgore.com

To see more mountain biking tricks and adventures follow Aggy on:
Instagram – @grahamagassiz

All BTS shots taken by Anthony Smith, for more of his work follow him on
Instagram – @the4color
Check out his website: http://the4color.com

Ad created for and apparel provided by Dakine. Follow them on:
Instagram – @dakine
Twitter – @dakine
Facebook – http://facebook.com/Dakine
Vist their website: http://feartheknown.dakine.com/

Ad originally appeared in Bike Magazine, check them out on:
Instagram – @bikemag
Twitter – @bikemag
Facebook – http://facebook.com/bikemag
Check out their website: http://bikemag.com and subscribe to either their print or digital editions

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