2018 Grand Prix Carl Decker – Cyclocross Series

The Grand Prix Carl Decker is a Cyclocross Series composed of five independently promoted cyclocross races. These great independent races kick off the OBRA Cyclocross season and run from the start of September to the end of October. Riders from any state are welcome to race the GPCD. Series overall awards and prizes will be handed out at the GPCD series end party in late October. Come experience some amazing cyclocross courses, competitive racing, and exciting race venues.

Website: http://www.zone5promotions.com/events/grand-prix-carl-decker/
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Zone-5-Promotions-231542053554047/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zone5promotions

David Douglas CX
Saturday, September 1st
Website: http://www.zone5promotions.com/events/grand-prix-carl-decker/david-douglas-cx/

Het Meer CX
Saturday, September 8th
Website: http://www.zone5promotions.com/events/grand-prix-carl-decker/het-meer-cx/

Zaldercross CX
Saturday, September 15th
Website: http://www.zone5promotions.com/events/grand-prix-carl-decker/zaaldercross/

Saturday, September 22nd
Website: http://www.zone5promotions.com/events/grand-prix-carl-decker/ninkrossi/

Heiser Farm CX
Saturday, September 29th
Website: http://www.zone5promotions.com/events/grand-prix-carl-decker/heiser-farm-cx/

All information from Zone 5 Promotions.

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